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Shane King

In 2012 I had the opportunity to move from Santa Barbara to the Santa Ynez Valley with my husband and our two children. We immediately fell in love with the community and knew that we had found our forever spot. I immersed myself into volunteer work for local non-profit organizations and found ways to give back and support the community whenever possible. After serving as the President of the Santa Ynez Valley MOPS group for 3 years I was ready to begin focusing on my career. I was hired at Santa Ynez Valley Real Estate Company in August 2016 as an office assistant. This was a strategic move on my end to get hands on training and experience from the very best in the business and to see behind the curtain of the real estate industry to ensure that a career in this field was the right choice for me, and it was. It was at this time my appreciation for Real Estate grew beyond pretty houses and manicured landscaping and became a passion for the people of real estate. Not just the eclectic group of people working in the industry, but the buyers and sellers. I love to sit with a client as they describe what they love about their home, the energy that they have invested into making it more than a house and the stories behind the walls. And to meet with a potential buyer to hear their hopes and dreams for their future home. What they want to get out of it, what they imagine putting into it.
The reality of it is that I love people and I want to work with clients from all walks of life and to build professional and intentional relationships with them. Being a new agent who has the passion and energy put everything she has into a transaction and to negotiate the very best deal for my clients while being backed by the most established brokerage in the valley and teaming up with our incredible group of local, knowledgeable agents gives you the best of both worlds. I am looking forward to showing my clients how truly invested in them I plan to be and to always ensure that they are getting the very best service possible.

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Office Phone 805.688.5717
Cellphone 805.252.6755

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